It was after my first trip out camping with the family in our new CVT tent that I realized I needed an offroad trailer that matched my Tacoma. After setting up camp and doing some hiking I wanted to go explore more with the truck — but I didn’t want to take down camp again. That’s when the offroad trailer talk truly started.

The first offroad trailer I had built was compact and real nice but I quickly outgrew it with all the gear and toys we bring on family outings and one thing I missed so much was bringing my quad along with me. This was something we enjoyed as a family exploring on. This lead me to wanting something a little bigger that had the ability to be more than just a camping trailer and be able to haul all my toys as well, the X-Venture.


XV-2 Spec Sheet:

Here is what the original build sheet, as ordered, included:
Complete Galley system
Complete Water system
H2O Heater System
Propane System
Lighting System
Lighting Expansion Kit
Optima Battery with Harness and Mounting
XV-2 Hard Folding Tonneau cover
3M Vinyl wrap Matte Black


CVT 79″ awning
CVT Mt Denali Extended Pioneer Series
35×12.50×17 Toyo Tires R/T
17×9 Rotiform SIX-OR Bronze wheels
Snomaster Traveler Series 42L Stainless Offroad Fridge
Camp Champ – Explorers Kitchen

It’s not very often that I bring the offroad trailer out camping and the FlyCraft doesn’t go with. Even if I’m not fishing, I love just being out on the water.


The XVENTURE is not only my offroad trailer but it also doubles as my utility trailer hauling trash to the dump, getting a load of hay for our horses or moving furniture for friends etc. The lockable and removable folding tonneau cover makes it easy to keep gear secure and dry but folds up quick for larger loads. Extremely versatile.


This was a complete honor — being featured at SEMA 2015! Thank you Toyo Tires!

img_7048img_7052cvt tents rooftop tent xventure offroad trailer toyota tacoma xventure offroad trailer xventure offroad trailer snomaster fridge xventure offroad trailer wilco spare tire carrier xventure offroad trailer

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  1. Build anything a Polaris ranger can pull?

    1. The trailer is built by Schutt Industries. This is their XV2 model. They have recently came out with a smaller XV3 version that might be light enough for a Polaris Ranger to pull but really I have no experience with side-by-sides capabilities yet.

  2. Hi,
    Which wilco swingout wheel mount is that? Any clearance issues?

    1. It was the Hitchgate Solo. I never ran into any clearance issues with the trails I went on but in some tight areas I’m sure it will rub depending on the angles. It is beefy enough to take some rubbing though. I recently got rid of it just because I never put much in the bed so instead of having the tire hanging off the back I just put it in the bed now.

  3. That is a sweet trailer! Thank you for taking the time to post the information. It is very helpful.

    How is it holding up? Is it worth the money? What would you have done differently. Would you recommend the product and company? Can you tell me a little about terrain you have traversed with the trailer.

    I am considering buying a trailer as payload capacity will next to nothing after MODS two people and just personal items. I am not keen on overloading the vehicle. I would be asking for trouble. I am considering buying a military trailer and do the MODS myself. But this looks like a nice alternative.

    Thanks again

    1. Hey Ed, I originally purchased an old military trailer with the intent to build it out and save a few dollars. After digging into it I realized I would be out more time and money starting from scratch than I would be to buy one ready to go and one that would weigh less as well. Schutt Industries is the company that makes the military trailers and XVenture is their commercial line. The quality and durability is the best you could ask for. I would recommend this trailer and the company without skipping a beat. I like going where no one else is which usually means hitting a few obstacles along the way. At first when towing a trailer off-road I was nervous but it doesn’t take long to realize you can really put it through a lot while remaining safe. The weight balance/distribution and articulating hitch make it easy traversing trails and obstacles. As you can see from the photos in this post I loved being able to use the trailer for other household uses as well making it more versatile instead of just for camping. Good luck in your search or build out, Ed. Cheers

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