Defconbrix — Overland Tacoma Build
Starting off with a brand new Toyota Tacoma Sport 4×4 my initial plans were to do just a leveling kit and upgrade the wheels and tires. Keeping the factory warranty and just a daily driver was really the only goal. After about 6 months that all quickly changed. I found myself building a dream adventure-mobile in my head with inspiration from all the other great builds out there. I wasn’t sure how far I would take this but it seemed to escalate very quickly.

I am absolutely an outdoorsman and a prepper so building an Overland Tacoma ready for bug out situations or week long / weekend trips with the family was right in line with my lifestyle and goals for the truck. Building a trailer to match wasn’t the initial plan but after the first trip out with the family and setting up camp, rooftop tent, I realized I was now stuck at camp unless I wanted to pack it all back up again. Trailer build >>> HERE.

Just to clarify, I didn’t build this for rock crawling, jumping or purposely beating up, although it is fully capable for when those times do arise… This is the rig that helps me explore our country, get into areas others can not and is also my daily driver.


I keep going back and forth on a full wrap with some subtle graphics and really leaning towards MultiCam Black camo… The urge to do this usually comes after a weekend of trails and I come home to find the sides riddled with new scratches — some too deep to buff out unfortunately.

DSC02440Toyota Tacoma Overland AdventureMobile
Walk-through at SEMA 2015. Thank you 4 Wheel Online!

I will keep this Spec Sheet up-to-date with all future modifications as they happen.

I have added links to each so you can easily find out more information.

Pelfreybilt Offroad Aluminum Front Bumper with no hoops
Pelfreybilt Offroad Hi-Clearance Rear Bumper
Pelfreybilt Offroad IFS Aluminum Skid
Pelfreybilt Offroad Mid Skid
Pelfreybilt Offroad Trans Skid
Pelfreybilt Offroad Rock Sliders with Top Plates

Total Chaos +2 Long Travel Race Series Kit
Fox 2.5 DSC coilovers
Total Chaos Secondary Shock Hoop
Fox 2.0 ByPass

Pelfreybilt Shock Relocation Hoops
Expo Leaf Pack
Archive Garage Shackle Flip Kit
Fox 2.0 DSC extended length shocks
Fox 2.0 BumpStops

ARE Z-Series shell
FrontRunner Outfitters Slimline 2 roofrack
TruckVault All-Weather Standard Height
BedSlide – custom width to go over fender wells
FrontRunner Stainless Steel Folding Table
ARB Safari Snorkel

Warn Zeon 10s winch
Factor 55 Flatlink and Fairlead

17×9 Rotiform SIX-OR Bronze wheels
35×12.50×17 Toyo Open Country R/T

Rechelon Aesthetics RetroFits – Custom MultiCam
Baja Designs 20″ S8
Baja Designs 40″ OnyX6
Baja Designs Squadron Pros
Rigid Industries SRQ2 flush mounts
Anti-Dark hood light kit
sPOD SE Touchscreen – control and switches for all lighting

ARB air lockers front and rear
Nitro 4.88 gears
ARB Twin Air Compressor
BoltLock cable, hitch and padlocks
Bushwacker fender flares (trimmed off approximately 3″)
Cab Mount Chop & Inner Fender Massaging for proper 35″ tire fit
Odyssey group 31 battery
Pelfreybilt Battery cage
TrekPak – lined TruckVault and Center Console
Yeti Bottle Opener mounted on the rear bumper

Rockford Fosgate POWER slim sub, components and amps
custom fiberglass box built by SoundWarehouse in SLC

MBRP cat-back single side exhaust
Custom Y-Pipe with the Exhaust Tip dumped out over the Axle

Katzkin full leather custom Tuscany leather/suede interior w/Degreez heated & cooled seats

Toyota Tacoma Helicopter Era3 Cinema Riot Rad Bicycle Co Fat Tire Bike

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  1. Maybe I am missing something.. but what did you use to lift your rear? AAL? OME Dakar? I’ve got King’s mid travel setup for the front, and I am currently trying to decide what route to go for the rear. I love your setup!

    1. Thanks Eric! I have AllPro Expo leafs in the rear that have been reworked. The Archive Garage Shackle Flip helped my ride quality tremendously and was able to gain some lift back after the expos started sagging.

  2. What a beautiful rig. I’ll be a veteran on 28 May and look forward to starting my build. How has the bully dog worked on your tacoma?. Have you had HP increase or GPM improved?

    1. Hey Nate, thank you for your service brother. I was able to get a prototype tuner from BullyDog and noticed an increase in fuel economy by an average of 1mpg and on dyno it showed almost a 10hp increase but thats not something I could feel. I care more about shift patterns and economy though. Not sure they ever went into production with a 4.0L non-supercharged tuner yet though. Have fun with your build! Cheers!

  3. I didn’t see where you stated that you regeared it? I know you had to do a cab mount chop for 35 but what about regear? If you didn’t then how does it handle 35 without it?

    1. Hey Rob, I regard using Nitro Gear & Axle 4.88 gears. This is typically a ratio for 37’s but I have found it to be ideal for low end offroad and trailer towing — you do get more downshifts at higher speeds though.

  4. What did you use to trim your bushwackers? I’m trying to make mine work with my 35s as well. I’m assuming you bolted them straight to the body?

    1. Bolted to the body and I used a cordless hackzall with a wood blade and a slow speed to slowly cut throw the flares with ease. After initial trimming I went around the cut lines and sanded them for a clean look correct any imperfections. Topped it off with some rubber door trim that I picked up at a local auto parts store to make the cut lines look more factory and polished.

  5. Did you run into any clearance issues mounting the warn zeon 10 winch in regards to height of the winch, the solenoid and the front grill support? I have a Smittybilt winch but want to swap it for something different. I just know that it’s extremely tight in that area.


    1. I ran a Warn control pack relocate kit to eliminate the height issues of the winch inside the bumper.

  6. What was your MPG after all the modifications? This build has been inspiring and for that I thank you.

    1. Thank you so much! It was a fun build and an amazing rig for our family. I was averaging around 13 mixed driving with all the mods, 35″ tires and 4.88 gears.

  7. Hello my friend. Nice rig…love your set up. One question about your ARE Z-Series shell camper shell. Your honest opinion.. is it a quality item and do you believe it will support a roof tent? Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you. Clifford

    1. Absolutely a quality product and one I would buy again. I have had an RTT on top of mine numerous times and have even had three adults on top in the RTT in Montana in low temps.. I thought for sure I would see some stress cracks based on weight and temperature but no issues at all.

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