Every year a big group of us get together for a camping trip near Anthony Lakes in Oregon.

Oregon Road Trip Brixton

This trip was much easier when I lived in Idaho. Being in Arizona now it’s quite the journey just getting there. Knowing that Brix and I had a place to stay in my best friend’s toy hauler, we opted for a bit of luxury with better fuel economy for the long Oregon road trip ahead.

Oregon Road Trip Porsche Cayenne

We had the Cayenne pretty loaded up. I was able to fit the Camp Champ and FlyCraft in the back. The size of these two items are not the most compact, so I was proud of my packing Tetris.

Oregon Road Trip Brixton Porsche Cayenne FlyCraft CampChamp

One of the best parts of this journey was having no time restraints. We stopped where ever we wanted. Played at random parks and truly enjoyed father/son time. Along the way we were also able to stop and see friends and family in Las Vegas and Idaho as well.

Brixton Sinclair Road Trip Defconbrix
Below are some more photos from our trip. I didn’t have the camera out as much as I would have liked, but I was able to capture a few of the memories along the way. If you ever get a chance to spend a week or weekend in this area, DO IT!

Oregon Road Trip Brixton Camping Oregon Road Trip Defconbrix CampChampOregon Road Trip BrixtonOregon Road Trip Brixton CVT Tents FlyCraft Oregon Road Trip Defconbrix Camp FireOregon Anthony Lake Adventure Defconbrix

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