Our 2017 Subaru Outback Adventure Build /// This MomSter Wagon transforms from Soccer Mom during the week to Adventure Mobile on the weekends. Dailed in with all the latest and greatest to keep dad happy and mom looking rad (lol).

Subaru Outback Adventure Build

Subaru is well known for their safety, reliability and holding their value so the jump to own one was easy to justify. However, in a sea of soccer mom subies we needed ours to stand apart, do more and carry a bit of off-road swagger with it. Taking some inspiration from my Toyota Tacoma Build was easy but Crystal made it clear she didn’t want me to get carried away on this one…

Follow along on with @onsomeadventure for more of this Momster Wagons adventures.

Subaru Outback Adventure Build

I have added links to each so you can easily find out more information.
I will keep this Build Sheet up-to-date with all future modifications as they happen.

LP Adventure Bumper Guard
LP Adventure Skid Plate

LP Adventure 2″ Lift Kit

245/65/17 BFGoodrich KO2
17″ Rotiform LAS-R

Baja Designs XL80 Amber pair
Rally Innovations Fog Light Bracket Kit

Camp Champ Explorer’s Kitchen
SnoMaster 42L Stainless Steel Fridge

Two CarSeats, DiaperBag, and Snacks.

FlyCraft Inflatable Boat
RAD Bicycle Co custom Fat Tire bike
Thule Hyper XL Cargo Box
Yeti Hopper
Curt Class III hitch

Baja Designs LP9 pair to mount on LP Adventure bumper guard
Recovery equipment: Portable Warn Winch etc
Dual Battery + Solar
Wilco Hitchgate Solo

Special Thanks to TommyGun Fab for all the help getting this project completed in such a short period of time!

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  1. Great build man! Whats the rtt model youve got going on there?

  2. Love the Subi, I’m considering doing a very similar build. With the lift, bigger tires and rtt what is your city and hwy mileage? Thanks ?

    1. It displays an average around 18 when I drive it and slightly higher when my wife drives it lol

  3. I love this build! what roof rack are you using to support the CVT Mt. St. Helens rtt? this set up is perfect for my family. Thank you for sharing

    1. This is actually the Thule system that came with the Outback Touring edition. Works great!

  4. How does the 2 inch lift affect the ride quality? Same question for the tires. I love the ride feel of the OB but want the lift and thicker tires.

    Also any plans to change the shocks to something made for offroading? Thanks!

    1. No change in ride quality that I can really notice. There is a little more noise from the tires but that is to be expected. I have looked into some strut options to upgrade those but haven’t found much info on quality options yet. It is on the short list though.

  5. Looks great. How are those wheels holding up? First I’ve seen anyone running them.

    1. They are so solid! We don’t thrash this car by any means we don’t baby it either while out on the dirt roads. The coating is strong also because my wife doesn’t have the best depth perception and has slid the wheel across a few things and no paint chips or even scratches that didn’t eventually disappear.

  6. Awesome, thanks. If you don’t mind, one more question but about the tires this time. I’m hesitant to pull the trigger on the BFGs because most of my driving is around town. Does like, everything still run smoothly? They seem really heavy. I just want to make sure I’m not messing up the car for what I do most, you know?

  7. Does the steering responsive fog light feature still work with your new fog lights?

    1. Unfortunately not. The lights I choose to use are not street legal.

  8. Do you have an issue with the tires rubbing when you turn too sharp?

    1. It does rub slightly on the front plastic portion.. I was going to trim it until I realized that that plastic piece it slightly rubs on can be pushed in a few inches and doesn’t hurt anything at all to just allow it to rub when articulated and turned.

  9. OMG! I just looked at the Camp Champ Kitchen set-up!!! Please tell me that you did NOT spend $6000 on a very clever wooden box and accessories to fill it!! Well thank you for helping me stay within budget, I mean, that thing is cool as ice but six grand? I appreciate your build.

    1. There was a saying I heard once about that if the price doesn’t make sense to you, it wasn’t meant for you.. or something like that lol not saying it is a budget piece at all but when I first saw it at the overland expo a few years back I just had to have it. It’s one of my most prized camping pieces and I even use it at home lol

  10. Really nice build…love it. Hope to do similar with mine minus the 30k in toys. Insane man…I just don’t know where all young wealth is coming from. Shoot me some and I can have a dream build also. Looks great.

  11. Have you had any issues with using the XL 80s since they draw alot of power on the factory wiring harness?

    1. Hey Conner, I actually didn’t notice any issues while I was running them although they are a bit overkill for an Outback. I did end up selling the Outback because the family kept growing and actually took those out before selling it to use on another build.

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