Exploring Utah – Historic Eureka City in the Tintic Mining District 

If you’re in Utah and looking for a fun afternoon rich with history, exploring and outdoor fun — put this little town on your to-do list! Pay attention though, if you blink, you just might miss it. Don’t be in a rush to get offroad though. The town itself is incredible! Give yourself some time to walk the city block, peak into some old dusty buildings and talk to some locals.

I am a sucker for old signage and anything old really. Down an alley we discovered this huge Levi’s advertising on the side of a brick building. There was a local gun shop open with a handful of quads and side-by-sides out front which really gave us an idea of where the locals hung out. Exploring Utah is not just about what you see, but the stories that can only come from “locals”.


Heavy rain joined us which made some of the trails that much more fun! We didn’t set out with any destination or route planning. We just went down whatever trail looked good. This is my favorite kind of exploring. Not knowing what you might find or where you might end up.


We did find what we set out to discover, an abandoned mine! This one was complete with buildings to walk through and an open shaft that was so deep it would give you the chills just looking down it. We even found an entrance into the hill which allowed us to walk in around 20ft before we hit a collapsed wall. Something about being in just that far peaks your curiosity and imagination.

img_5087 img_5089

We had heard a lot of ghost stories about the area and they might have got in our head a little. While losing daylight we found another abandoned building that required a little hike to get up to. This is where it all started… the noises. Sounds crazy I know. We heard them coming from the truck. It was talking but nothing we could really understand and it was very sporadic. After the WTF, wide-eyed moments passed we knew we were just picking up someone else’s chatter on the CB. The random noises continued down the trail as the darkness entered so naturally we had to tell some ghost stories and think about all the “what-if” scenarios.

img_5096 img_5101


Learn more about Eureka City, Utah by visiting http://www.eurekautah.org



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